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Our buffet menus can be served as a “2 Course Buffet” with sumptuous mains and mouth watering desserts or as a “3 Course Buffet” with a substantial hot & cold finger food entree which is trayed and served to your guests on arrival.

We supply, set up and decorate the buffet and pride ourselves on the elegant presentation we create. Whilst our maitre de controls the flow of guests to the buffet, our food staff supervise the buffet and explain the menu options to your guests.

All food prep is done in our fully licensed commercial kitchen. On the day of your function we only need to arrive at the venue 2 hours before “mains” food service. Our 3 course buffet allows for 45 minutes of “finger food entree” service during this set up period.

On day timing for our Gold 3 course buffet is 3 hours of food service from the start of the finger food entree to the end of dessert. Our Bronze or Silver 2 course buffet allows for 2 hours of food service from the start of the mains to the end of dessert.

The prices we quote per head include all our costs – chefs & food waiters, food service equipment, decorated buffet table and chaffing dishes plus mobile kitchen equipment. There are no hidden food service costs that we will add on, or charge you for, later on.

Call Paul & Vickie, your “Gourmet Catering Specialists” now on (02) 4782 4548 to organise your personalised details & costs memo!!

“Variety, imagination & fabulous food are the cornerstone of our buffet creations”